Health Center, IIT Indore


Dr. Shilpa Raut
Designation : Chief Medical Officer (NFSG)
Email : cmo [at]
Phone : +91-731-660 (Ext.3176)

Dr. Rakesh Gupta
Designation : Physician
Email : rakeshgupta [at]
Phone : +91-731-660 (Ext.3374)

Dr. Amey Joglekar
Designation : Residential Medical Officer
Email : joglekaramey [at]
Phone : +91-731-660 (Ext.3374)

Dr. Pankhuri Mehta
Designation : Physiotherapist
Email : pankhurimehta [at]
Phone : +91-731-660 (Ext.3517)

Dr. Vishal Choudhary
Designation : Medical Officer
Email : # [at]
Phone : +91-731-660 (Ext.)

Dr. Nikhil Mishra
Designation : Residential Medical Officer
Email : nikhilmishra [at]
Phone : +91-731-660 (Ext. 3374)


1 Dr. Sumit Kulkarni, Dentist Tuesday & Friday
2 Dr. Sushma Jhamad, Gynaecologist Every Tuesday
3 Dr. Rashmi Shad, Pediatrician Every Tuesday
4 Dr. Ashutosh Singh, Psychiatrist 1st & 3rd Wednesday
5 Dr. Norman Sharma, Physician Every Thursday
6 Dr. Sameer Nivsarkar, E. N. T. Every Thursday
7 Dr. Mahesh Kumar Somani, Ophthalmologist Every Friday
8 Dr. Shruti Kochar Maru, Ophthalmologist Once a month
9 Dr. Arjun Wadhwani, Orthopedics Twice a month
10 Dr. Sarita Rao, Cardiologist Once a Month
11 Dr. Neha Roy, Neurologist Once a month
12 Dr. Shrikant Phatak, E. N. T. Once a month
13 Dr. Jitendra Keswani, Psychiatrist Every Thursday
14 Dr. Deepshikha Sharma, Pediatrician Every Saturday
15 Dr. A Sheeba Prasanna Kumari, Dentist Every Wednesday
16 Dr. Priya Chitale, Nutritionist Every Thursday
17 Dr. Shrikanth Reddy, Psychiatrist Once a month
# (will be informed prior to visit through mail)